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‘A Recyclable material’- Plastic Bottles

31 Mar 2022

These days plastic bottles are in trend, so if asked a question that what do you mean by a plastic bottle? So, the answer to this very simple question is bottles manufactured from high-density or low-density plastic are basically known as plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are considered to be environment-friendly as it produces less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and is liked by most people. These bottles are mostly used to store liquids such as oil, water, shampoo, ink, medicines, floor cleaners, thinners, and various other solvents. We have a great variety in size, ranging from 100ml to 900ml and 1ltr bottle ranges too. The material used by us is HDPE plastics and it is considered to be the most widely used resin for plastic bottles. HDPE is economical, impact-resistant, and provides a good moisture barrier to the products. 


900ml Bottle     1ltr calcium bottle     1.25ltr bottle


We are proud to be one of India's leading suppliers of blow-molded plastic products since 2008. We design our products in such a way that they manage to satisfy the needs of clients and are way too handy for their specific uses. This comes out to be effective and cost-efficient for our clients. We are very particular about timelines. We have our satisfied customers not only in India but yes, in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Listing some uses of our products like Our 1.25 ltr bottle is preferred by the fragrance, food flavor industry for 1 kg material filling. Our 1ltr half-round jerry can bottle is shaped in such a way that it is easy to handle. We have other product varieties too to have a look at.


500ml Harvet     1 ltr half round bottle

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