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Application of HDPE Plastic Jars in Various Industries

25 Oct 2019

Plastic has become inevitable and ubiquitous part of our day to day lives. There hardly exists any industry which could deny the necessity of plastic and specially chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food & beverage industries. To withstand the wide requirements of plastic jars, the production of jars using different chemical composition is taking place, HDPE being the famous among them.

What is HDPE?

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is a durable, light weighted and opaque material and is used to make mildly stiff impact resistant plastic jars. It is considered to remain indifferent to moisture and can be used to store viscous and semi - viscous liquids including water, milk, oil, honey, pickles, chocolate syrup, squeeze butter and vinegar etc. These multipurpose jars have a wider application in other industries, for instance as lab jars, tablet jars, Injection Molded, jerry cans, protein jars etc in pharmaceutical industry. These jars can be customized with temper proof capping and application specific design and hence are highly efficient.

Revealing multiple shape, size, measurement and capacity variants, these plastic jars appear to be a perfect fit for all industries including Bottles, Cosmetic Packaging, Pharmacy Packaging, and Food Packaging. Featuring a number of attributes, these are manufactured keeping the industrial standards in mind hence are highly compatible. Its high strength to density ratio makes it fit for bleach and laundry detergent, it is tough enough to resist bursting or tearing.

Features of HDPE

  • Higher density than other grades of PE
  • Lightweight and strong with excellent impact strength
  • It  allow versatile usage and wider application
  • Recyclable and hence is a sustainable material
  • Good chemical and moisture resistance
  • It  is a semi-crystalline polymer and hence offer greater density and strength

All these features give it an edge over other such material and hence Dhanraj Plastics Private Limited manufacture HDPE Plastic Jar a perfect fit to carry or preserve items.

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