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A Lighter World with Plastics!

27 Jul 2017

Conserve your energy with plastics. The versatility of plastics can meet almost any requirement of customers. We humans have become dependent on plastic for a range of uses, from packaging ...

Get innovative and sustainable Plastic solutions with us

17 Aug 2017

Using the right kinds of containers for storing liquid items in general plays a vital role in determining hygiene, safety and thereby the well-being of yourself and your dear ones. We have provi...

Fragrances in Plastic Jerry Cans

30 Aug 2017

Fragrance requirements are becoming much more sophisticated its demand is increasing day by day. Fragrances are playing a growing role in marketing food and beverage...

Plastic Dollu Manufacturer and Supplier in India

04 Nov 2017

Dhanraj Plastics Private Limited is a well-known leading company of producing Veterinary (Animal Feed) plastic containers in India. We manufacture animal supplement bottles, animal medicine bott...

Types of Plastic Jerry Cans for Storing Liquids for Home and Industries

14 Nov 2017

Jerry can is a container specially designed to hold various kinds of liquids such as petrol and diesel, kerosene, chemicals, lubricants, water, etc. The design of a jerry can enables it to be fi...

A Range of Plastic Bottles for Packaging Liquids

22 Nov 2017

Plastic bottles are ubiquitous in the current times whether for packaging juices and cold drinks or medicines and chemicals. We manufacture recyclable plastic bottles suitable for reuse which in...

What are the many uses of HDPE jars?

24 Jul 2018

It is easier to carry chemicals and solvents in HDPE jars than in any other container. Plastic conveniently ...

Buy Your Plastic Bottles from the Dependable Wholesalers

30 Apr 2019

Plastic bottles are utilized to convey or pack numerous items. The bottles are adaptable as some can be filled and cleaned and some plastic bottles can be fluorinated so as to forestall framing ...

What are the benefits of Eco-friendly Plastic Bottles?

12 Sep 2019

Plastics have been causing the earth to fall to knees and beg for help. The first step to help the environment is Eco-friendly plastic bottles. That’s correct! Without a doubt, HDPE plasti...

Application of HDPE Plastic Jars in Various Industries

25 Oct 2019

Plastic has become inevitable and ubiquitous part of our day to day lives. There hardly exists any industry which could deny the necessity of plastic and specially chemical, pharmaceutical, cosm...

Supreme Plastic Container Supplier in India | Dhanraj Plastics

15 Nov 2019

Each and every company tries its best to make the customers happy and satisfied with their products. There are many plastic container suppliers in India but it is sometimes difficult to choose t...

HDPE Plastic: Pros and Cons

20 Apr 2022

High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) is one of the most versatile plastic materials used nowadays. It is used to manufacture various items such as food and beverage containers, cleaning product bot...

Basic Guide to Plastic Jars

10 Jun 2022

Plastic jars are commonly used in every household. They are useful for multiple purposes but the primary purpose is storage. Plastic jars are easily available in the market and are very easily a...

Manufacturer of Plastic PET Bottles for over 10 years!

19 Jul 2022

PET (sometimes written as PETE, PETP, or PET-P) stands for poly (ethylene terephthalate). It's really a thermoplastic polymer from the polyester family. Injection Stretching Blow Moulding ha...

Jerry Cans Suppliers and Dealers

02 Aug 2022

One of the most trustworthy producers of plastic jerry cans manufacturer delhi

Easy Manufacturing of Plastic Bottles

03 Aug 2022

Dhanraj Plastics Private Limited is among the most well-known producers and sellers of

Plastic Container And Its Benefits

02 Sep 2022

Plastic containers are storehouses composed of several kinds of polymers obtained from natural gases or crude oil. Crude petroleum undergoes various chemical processes and converts them i...

Are Jerry Cans the Best Container Option

20 Sep 2022

Jerry Cans are a flat-sided, narrow container used to for filling fluids like fuel. They reused in industries dealing in any type of liquid like fuel or chemicals. These are o...

Revolutionising Plastic Bottles: Dhanraj Plastics, India's Leading Manufacturer

19 Jul 2023

India is a significant player in the plastic bottle manufacturing industry, catering to both domestic and international markets by delivering high-quality products and offering innovative soluti...

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