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HDPE Jars and it’s Benefits

14 Jun 2022

HDPE stands for high-density polyethene. HDPE jar can be described as a plastic container with a large capacity range. In simple terms, HDPE jars are another form of plastic jars but they have a bigger storage capacity. This kind of HDPE jars are produced by Dhanraj Plastics. The main plant being located in Ghaziabad, it also supplies jars to different states of India and to some neighbouring countries as well.

Reason to use HDPE Jars

HDPE is widely used for making jars. There are many reasons why particularly HDPE is used for making jars. Some of the major reasons are highlighted below:

·        Production and manufacturing of HDPE jars are cheap

·        HDPE jar manufacturers can make the jar in any shape and design

·        They can be formed in any design using the blow moulding equipment and are easy to work with

·        Can be coded with colours

·        They are well known for their high strength

·        They can withstand high-temperature ranges for short periods

·        HDPE jars can be resistant to bacteria and are that is why easily usable in food packaging and life-saving medical equipment

·        They work quite well in various environmental conditions and can exceed in crack and stress-resistance testings

·        These HDPE jars are sustainable because they can be recycled completely. At the same time, they are light in weight which makes their transportation process less expensive.

These are a variety of reasons to use HDPE jars.

Uses of HDPE jars

HDPE jars have a wide usage. Some of the common places where HDPE jars can be used include milk and water bottles, juice bottles, bottles of shampoo, to make soap containers and tubes. Conditioner bottles, face care and personal body care products, etc.

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