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Plastic and Its Benefits

13 Aug 2021

Plastics packaging provides us the facility to protect, preserve, store and transport products in various ways. Without plastic bottles, a lot of products that consumers purchase would not make the journey to the home or store or survive in good condition long enough to be used. 

Durability: plastics raw material makes it extraordinarily difficult to break.

Safety: Plastics packaging is unbreakable and does not fragment into dangerous shards when dropped.

Hygiene: Plastic packaging is perfect for the packaging of foodstuffs, medicines, and pharmaceuticals. The materials used plastics raw materials and additives to fulfill all food safety standards given by the government of India.

Light Weight: Plastics packaging items are lightweight but high in strength and, products packed in plastics are easy to carry, handle and transport by consumers and by staff in the distribution chain.

Saves energy: Because it is lightweight, it can save energy in the transport of packed goods. There is less fuel consumption, lower emissions, and, additionally, there are cost savings for distributors, retailers, and consumers.

Re-usable: Many types of plastic bottles are lifelong. 5 ltr half round bottles, HDPE bottles, etc. are reusable and recyclable.

Optimal use of resources: Because of the high strength of plastics packaging it is easy to pack a given number of products with plastics rather than with traditional materials.

It has been shown that if there was no plastics packaging available in the society and there were necessary resources to overall packaging consumption of packaging mass, energy and GHG emissions would be high.


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