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Types of Plastic Jerry Cans for Storing Liquids for Home and Industries

14 Nov 2017

Jerry can is a container specially designed to hold various kinds of liquids such as petrol and diesel, kerosene, chemicals, lubricants, water, etc. The design of a jerry can enables it to be fitted easily with a hose to avoid spillage during the filling process. Earlier version of jerry cans used to me made only of steel but in the recent years plastic jerry cans have appeared in the market and are being widely used by people because of their low cost.

Dhanraj PlasticPrivate Limited provides high quality plastic jerry cans for liquid packaging. We have listed some common types of plastic jerry cans manufactured by us which can be used in industries, domestic households, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

20 ltr jerry cans

If you are looking for an appropriate 20 ltr plastic jerry can then you can consider the following types of jerry cans available with Dhanraj Plastic Private Limited. 

  • The square shaped plastic jerry cans widely used all over the world. This type of can possesses significant strength and can be used to store all kinds of liquids and solvents without any problem.
  • Swastik designed plastic jerry cans finds use in all kinds of industries in the world. This kind of plastic jerry can is low in weight but high in strength. You can use it to store reducers, thinners and other kinds of solvents.

10 ltr jerry cans

  • In case you need a plastic jerry can of lesser capacity such as a 10 ltr plastic jerry can we also have the following jerry cans for you.
  • Cross 10ltr plastic jerry cans have an angular mouth to enable pouring of the liquid without causing spillage. This type of can is highly suitable for storing and packaging acids.
  • Oval shaped plastic jerry cans which can be used to store a plethora of liquids even though it is widely used for storing cleaners and detergents. 

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