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What are the many uses of HDPE jars?

24 Jul 2018

It is easier to carry chemicals and solvents in HDPE jars than in any other container. Plastic conveniently changes its shape without losing its strength. We make quality containers with high-grade plastic that can withstand pressure and temperature even in extreme conditions.


Round Jar: It is a big multipurpose container with a capacity of 10 kg. Fitted with a lockable lid and handle, this product is just perfect for packing chemicals in paste and powder form. The size of the container can accommodate 10 kg of a chemical.


Indana Jar: It is a square shaped plastic hdpe jar designed and built for corrugated packing. The square shape allows it to conveniently sit inside cardboard boxes. It is good for distant supplies where products are packed and supplied to distant markets. Its capacity is 5 kg.


Mega Jar: This product is for food and health supplement packing. It is small in size but quite accommodative from inside. This container can easily pack up to 1 kg of lose protein powder. We supply these containers to food product makers and health supplement companies.


Injection Moulded Jar: This hdpe plastics jar is in high demand as it is a multipurpose container. This temper prof design is popular among paint, grease and ink manufactures. We get maximum orders for this specific jar. This very product is great for many things.


Fevicol Jar: It is a cylindrical design container good for the adhesive industry. Its wide face allows easy withdrawal of sticky adhesive and the strong design can hold the adhesive within.


Being one of the leading manufacturers of Plastics HDPE jars, we understand the needs of our clients and our engineers are capable of designing the containers asked by clients. Our products are in high demand because we produce high-quality products and supply the containers on demand.


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