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A Range of Plastic Bottles for Packaging Liquids

22 Nov 2017

Plastic bottles are ubiquitous in the current times whether for packaging juices and cold drinks or medicines and chemicals. We manufacture recyclable plastic bottles suitable for reuse which in our opinion is a beneficial step towards conserving environment. Plastic bottles are also known for their resilience and flexibility. We manufacture High-density polyethylene or HDPE plastic bottles known for their high strength-to-density ratio.

People seeking a good quality HDPE Plastic Bottle can go for any of the following options of plastic bottles manufactured by Dhanraj Plastic Private Limited.

1 Ltr bottles

l  Half round plastic bottle is shaped like a jerry can and comes with a handle which makes it very easy to carry. The bottle has a diameter of about 88mm and height of about 178mm with cap size of 25mm.

l  The HPM 1 Ltr Plastic Bottle is oval shaped and can be used to store fertilizers, pharmaceutical products, etc.

l  The 1ltr Pero Gard plastic bottle is suited to store coolants, car polish and other liquid products associated with the automobile industry.

l  The 1ltr Harvet plastic bottle has been designed to enable easy pouring of its liquid content. This kind of bottle also has a side handle.

l  The Classic designed plastic bottles are mainly used to store juices and medicines.

l  Coltaze plastic bottles have been designed to suit various kinds of liquids such as floor cleaners, coolants, thinners, automotive polish and other solvents.


Dhanraj Plastic Private Limited is a modern Plastic Bottle Supplier having a plethora of options for the customers. We also offer customized plastic bottles according to specific requirements of our customers. 

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