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Are Jerry Cans the Best Container Option

20 Sep 2022

Jerry Cans are a flat-sided, narrow container used to for filling fluids like fuel. They reused in industries dealing in any type of liquid like fuel or chemicals. These are one of the most 
traditional forms of Containers for storing fluids.
Benefits of Manufacturing Jerry canes are listed below:
• Suitable for Industrial Usage
• Suitable in Handling Liquids
• Suitable in Storage and Handling
• Occupies Lesser space than any other type of container
• Being Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic products and do not harm the nature. 
• It makes less use of chemicals and more of natural ingredients
• Reduces environmental waste
• It is one of the best options for industrial usage.
Dhanraj Plastics Pvt. Ltd one name that provides one stop solution to Plastic Jerry Canes requirements for industrial use. We are the leading Jerry cans manufacturers in Delhi. Since, inception in the year 2008, our company has always strived towards the quality-oriented products and delivering the same on time.
We have a wide range of Jerry Cans to cater the requirements of different segments of industrial clients.  Our range of Jerrycans includes 1Ltr-6Ltrs for Liquid Packaging in small quantities; 10 Ltrs-20 Ltrs for packaging Liquid used in Industries as a raw material.
Our company is fastest growing manufacturers of Jerry Cans in Ghaziabad, (U.P.) manufacturing High-quality eco-friendly Jerry cans. After marking a mark domestically, we have now started exporting Jerry cans to other parts of the world. We have been started exporting Jerry cans to countries like Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, US and  more.
Why you should choose our Jerry Cans 
Choosing Jerry Cans container that matches your requirement very crucial. There are few points to be kept in mind while selecting the same. Do ensure following points before making your choice.
• It should be readily available
• It helps in safe storage and distribution of the raw materials across different channels.
• It should be made from chemical-free components.
• It should be Affordable to buy and easy to use in industries
• It should be reasonably strong to contain raw material (even the liquids)
• It should be durable and secure in transportation
We are available 24/7 via any of the following mode. Do, contact us for any of your industrial Jerry Cans requirement
• Please feel free to connect with us through any of the following mediums:
• Call us on our Mobile Numbers
• Whatsapp on given numbers
• E-mail us
• Fill in the CONTACT US form. Our representative will get back to you soon.

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