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HDPE Plastic that You Need to Know

31 Jul 2021

HDPE (High-density polyethylene) was first time introduced in the 1930s and used in high-frequency radar cables during World War II. It was introduced to the market commercially after the war. While its higher density versions yield a more stiff result, they can differ in flexibility. Low-density thermoplastic is less inflexible and the high-density is equally high crystallinity.

HDPE is a commonly used petroleum thermoplastic and the most used of the three polyethylenes for a wide range of applications. It is recyclable and great for blow-molding applications, particularly food and beverage containers because it won't leach into the contents of the bottle. Its material is derived from petroleum. The difference is that HDPE plastic is completely free from BPA and is therefore safe for applications that directly impact humans.

We are proud to manufacture several BPA-free and FDA-approved HDPE plastic jars specifically for such applications. Our HDPE plastic jars are suitable for many industries, such as the food industry, which manufactures products direct for human consumption. They can be used for mixing liquid, and more. Jars of these materials are excellent for use in the medical field and can be used in mixing applications, valve and flow control, and chemical handling. To help you keep your customers safe and healthy, we are manufacturing jars, bottles, and jerry cans.


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