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02 Aug 2022

One of the most trustworthy producers of plastic jerry cans manufacturer delhi is Dhanraj Plastics Private Limited. We are an accredited producer of containers for the holding and moving of diverse goods. We create very sturdy drums as well as cans that are sometimes designed to keep materials securely.

One of the top jerry cans suppliers in india and manufacturers is Dhanraj Plastics Private Limited. Our jerry can suppliers bareilly offer convenience for transportation and are corrosion-proof, manageable, and stackable. The manufacturing of Dhanraj Plastics is situated in Bhiwandi, a major export hub that enables quicker delivery throughout India.

Spending hours each day coming up with fresh solutions is what our highly qualified and talented team members do. Solutions are produced for all types of requirements after thorough investigation. its becomes your travelling friend by exporting throughout the world.

We produce high-quality cans and drums for a diverse range of consumers working in various industries. As per the requirements, we provide our clients the option to select the most appropriate collection of containers from all of us. A wide range of containers in various sizes and forms are also offered by us. 

When it relates to prompt delivery, creativity, and quality, we strive to keep every promise you make. For various needs, jerry can manufacturer Ghaziabad several types of boxes, and we offer export facilities to make things easier for you to deliver them safely and on schedule. An agreement is supposed to be kept.

Dhanraj Plastics produces high-quality jars that often last a long time, including some of the leading producers of plastic jerry cans. They can also be used to hold and carry a variety of liquids and are completely leak-proof. We were UN Approved, and we have enough authorizations needed to produce and deliver the containers for business usage.

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