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Manufacturer of Plastic PET Bottles for over 10 years!

19 Jul 2022

PET (sometimes written as PETE, PETP, or PET-P) stands for poly (ethylene terephthalate). It's really a thermoplastic polymer from the polyester family. Injection Stretching Blow Moulding has been the technique used to create PET bottles. By esterifying terephthalic acids as well as ethylene glycol, PET is created as a raw material. Even though it is primarily used in garments and packaging, it could be recycled. Injection Stretching Blow Moulding is the technique used to create PET bottles.

Dhanraj Plastics Packaging offers a wide variety of PET bottles and also has a large inventory of goods. Our selection of pet bottle distributor rudrapur ranges in size from 30 mL to 1000 mL. To help you understand the colours of the PET bottles, they also have several that are golden in colour.

We are one of the best plastics pet bottles Suppliers in India is a plastic packaging expert. We are able to convert any PET package into rPET. If a regular bottle is not suitable for your needs, we can produce custom injection-molded design bottles for quantities of 150,000 units or more annually.

For more than ten years, we have indeed been producing plastics pet bottle Manufacturer in Noida. With the help of our years of expertise, we offer a large selection of regular PET bottles. The Boston Rounds, Disc Round, Rectangular, Oval, and other Trigger bottles are part of the popular PET bottle collection.

Dhanraj Plastics Private Limited began operating in the packaging industry in 1978. Utilizing 3D tools like SolidWorks, all bespoke designs are created. Because pet bottles manufacturers uttar Pradesh uses rapid prototyping, it is also quite simple to create 3D prototypes internally. Standard or custom packaging ideas are the company's area of expertise.

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